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The Summer List

Swimming in Lake Zurich in the summer

When I moved to Zürich in January, everyone said – “Oh, you just wait until summer – this city comes alive”

And yep. Summer in Zürich is special. Everything becomes green and blue, everyone is always outside, rooftops are full, afterworks are loud, badis are open, and the atmosphere is “holiday” no matter if it’s Tuesday or Friday. But today the calendar reminds me that it’s August 30th (whaat??) and the weather forecast promises that fall weather could be coming as soon as tomorrow. It seems that everyone else got this memo too and is trying to make the most of the last warmth because I can smell barbeque on the balcony and hear people on the streets. It’s 9pm but the air is still warm. I will miss this.

Because this was my first hot season in the city, I jumped at every opportunity to be outside and to explore and was learning about cool things to do as I went along. Now that it’s drawing to a close, I feel like I know so much more about how I want to spend my summers here and I wanted to write a list for myself, of all the things that I still want to do. A Summer List.

Here goes 🙂

  • Go to a Sunday party at Bar Fussbar (Frauenbad)
  • Try gelato from Gelateria di Berna
  • Standup paddle at Badi Enge
  • Find a rooftop yoga class
  • Badis, badis, badis (Frauenbad and Enge, check, check; Utoquai and Tiefenbrunnen still on the list)
  • Bring friends to when it opens
  • Spend a morning at the Bürkliplatz farmer’s market
  • Limmat float at Letten at least once
  • Bike to Rapperswil
  • Organize drinks at Rimini bar
  • Check out Griefensee
  • Do the Limmatschwimmen
  • Spend one day at Zürich openair
  • Day trip to Walensee and Caumasee
  • Travel to the French side of Switzerland

and of course, just enjoy the warm nights in the old city walking along the river as all the lights are reflected in the water.. sigh. summer don’t go! What about you guys? How was your summer’17? What’s in your plan for next year?


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