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Day trip hike around Walensee

Hiking along Walensee in Switzerland

Last Saturday we spontaneously decided to go to Walensee for the day.

I actually want this on the record guys: a lot of my weekend or day trips in Switzerland are planned last minute and I am a really imperfect blogger in the sense that I don’t get up super early in the morning to catch the sunrise and the photos before everyone gets there – I think for Walensee we left the house around 1pm :))) I just want to say this because that’s something I love about Switzerland. If you decide that you want to get out of Zurich, there are always plenty of options and you don’t need to be a master planner. And if you have the Half-fare card with SBB, for most rides you won’t even overpay for the tickets. Even though this is a country that runs like clockwork through careful planning, spontaneous people like me can also enjoy it! 🙂

Now onto the trip. We took a train from Zurich HB directly to Ziegelbrucke (just under one hour and a really pretty ride along Lake Zurich!) and from there you can take the bus 650 to Weesen, but we just walked for 30 minutes. Weesen is on the very Western point of the lake and is a perfect start point for a hike. Just wait till you get there and catch your first glimpse of this view.

View over Lake Walen

Our original plan was to hike all the way to Quinten and then catch a ferry back to Weesen, but since we started out late and wanted to have a leisurely day, we didn’t push it and ended our hike in Betlis instead. I know it’s much easier to see things on the map than just hear names so I created a little map for you.

Map of our hike along WalenseeMap of our hiking route along Walensee

You can see that it’s a route from Weesen (1), to a lovely bistro/viewpoint called “Lago Mio” (2), and then East along the lake to Betlis where the map is marked “Kapelle Betlis” (3) which means Betlis church (a very cute chapel with lake views) – once you’ve reached this point, the signs will guide you 10 minutes further to the beautiful Seerenbach Falls.

Seerenbach falls near WalenseeWalensee Seerenbach Falls up closeStanding in front of the Seerenbachfälle

The whole route was around 4.6km, along a mostly paved road, going through a couple of tunnels and always having a gorgeous view on your right side. We went to the waterfalls and back on foot, and spent about 4 hours in total in this little paradise. Convenient, quick and beautiful day trip from Zurich.

View over Walensee from Lago Mio restaurantCows along our hike around WalenseeHiking around Walensee lakeDay trip from Zurich to Walensee

I can’t wait to come back to this place do more hiking and explore the rest of the lake. I want to also give a special shoutout to the @MomstotsZurich blog post that was very helpful in understanding where to start exploring this lake. You can find the post here: and I can also really recommend this blog in general – it’s an amazing resource of information on hiking in Switzerland.

Have you been to the other parts of this lake? Anything you recommend? 🙂


  1. Thanks for the post the hike looks brilliant, quintessentially Swiss! I will definitely follow the blog you recommended, have a great weekend

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