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A winter weekend in Zermatt

Morning views at Cervo Zermatt

Weekend getaway dream: to wake up in the mountains, put on your fluffy robe and slippers, and have your morning cup of tea from the balcony, with a view of a snow-covered village and day full of fun activities ahead. Here is how we spent the weekend at CERVO Zermatt.


It started with a 3pm train from Zurich HB, a big suitcase and ski bag in tow (for my other half, I’m still learning) and though it was the last November weekend and by all accounts just the beginning of the season, the train was packed with people, skis and snowboards.

The journey to Zermatt is pleasant – a quick 2hr ride to Visp, followed by a slower 1hr “Regional Bahn” that winds through the mountains to the final destination. If you look at the map though, you realize that you’ve gone from one side of the country to the other.

We arrived in the village after 6 and were picked up by an electric ride that resembles a golf cart – Zermatt is a no car zone, with only approved electric vehicles allowed – part of the reason it’s cozier and less noisy.

As soon as we checked into the hotel I started to feel the weekend mood. Fresh mountain air and a cozy chalet atmosphere, a slower pace, friendly staff and a huge room with a balcony whose evening view of twinkling lights promised to be a beautiful landscape by daylight. Welcome drink at the new gin bar and it’s officially the weekend.

Room at the Cervo Zermatt

Drinks at Cervo Zermatt bar


We had dinner at the hotel restaurant Puro – beef tartare and goat cheese for starters, grilled fish and a beef fillet for mains. I liked that the restaurant was refined but relaxed – a place to enjoy fresh ingredients and tasty food with great service but no pomp and fuss – just a full quality experience.

Dinner at CERVO Zermatt

Tartare and cheese starters dinner at Cervo ZermattRestaurant Puro at Cervo Zermatt dinner

CERVO Zermatt is a boutique luxury resort. The owner (whom we met) and his wife designed everything from scratch and it’s obvious that the hotel is their passion project.

It’s full of unique details big and small – I loved the big omega watch in the lobby, deer antler railings, truffle potato chips as a welcome snack, and the CERVO logo on everything from blankets to plates.

And unlike other hotels in Zermatt, it’s built as a cluster of chalets at the top of the village, which means not only stunning views but also a feeling that you’re not a hotel but your own Zermatt retreat, just with amazing service.

Cervo Zermatt hotel interior details


Though the full winter season at Zermatt hadn’t started yet, we woke up to the village looking like it was inside a giant snowglobe.  It has snowed overnight and everything was covered in white. The morning was quiet and peaceful and the only observable movement was smoke coming out of the chimneys. I wrapped myself in a robe, made a fresh cup of tea, and watched the low fog clouds move slowly above the rooftops.

Views from the balcony at Cervo ZermattCervo Zermatt resort chaletsMorning views at Cervo Zermatt

Balcony at Cervo Zermatt


Breakfast is served in the main restaurant and is a combination of buffet and a la carte. From avocado toast and fluffy eggs, to cheese plates, charcuterie and bircher müsli with fresh smoothies and juices. But the best part: when you look up from your breakfast, you see the Matterhorn in all its famous glory.

Breakfast at Cervo Zermatt hotel


It was our second time in Zermatt – we came here for the first time a year ago but stayed just for an afternoon and a night before we hopped onto the Glacier Express. This time, we had the whole weekend to explore and I couldn’t wait to get up close to the Matterhorn. CERVO organized the Zermatt Glacier Paradise tickets for us and the gondola views to the top were some of the most stunning winter landscapes I’d ever seen.

Zermatt views from the gondolaRelaxing in the sun apres ski next the MatterhornZermatt MatterhornViews from Zermatt Glacier Paradise


After a day of activities in the mountains, with the thinner, fresh air, a lot of sun and energy spent, the best thing to do is go to the spa. At the CERVO, each chalet has its own spa area, with relaxation rooms, saunas and outdoor jacuzzis with a view. Needless to say, sitting in hot bubbling water at the top of Zermatt village and looking at the Matterhorn is a kind of pinch-me moment.

Spa at Cervo ZermattMatterhorn views from the hot tub at Cervo Zermatt


We gathered for a special dinner at the Grapes bar – all Swiss theme – charcuterie, wine, loads of Fondue and the famous CERVO frites (truffle fries). The perfect end to the day and in the great company of a few blogger friends. We were so happily tired and full afterward that instead of going out we went up to the room and just curled up next to the fire.

Fondue dinner at Cervo Zermatt

View on the way back to our chalet:

Matterhorn view at night from CERVO Zermatt


The snow melted by Sunday but the sunny weather stayed. We had breakfast and went for a walk to explore. Most of the shops were still closed (it was Nov. 25th and the full season as I understood would only open the weekend after), but cafes were open and plenty of skiers were rushing to the ski-lifts (the glacier is open for skiing all year round).

Zermatt village with view of MatterhornStrolling in Zermatt village

If you do come in late November or early December, check in advance the opening times of the ski lifts (


The CERVO has this incredible patio with views of the Matterhorn, plush pillows and thick blankets and it’s where we decided to end the weekend before hopped back on the train to Zurich. Imagine sitting in the sun and watching as the Matterhorn reflects in your glass of bubbly. A moment to slow down and appreciate. I took a quick photo and a video, then put my phone away, and just enjoyed, and wished that I would get to come back here soon.

Outdoor bar and restaurant views at Cervo ZermattChampagne with a view at Cervo Zermatt

Note: the two-day visit and stay was sponsored by CERVO Zermatt


  1. Welcome to the alpine wonderland! 🙂 I’m an expat myself (from Lithuania) and it has been 6 years now living in the french part of the Alps, close to the swiss border. Still in awe every single time I see those peaks surounding me! And i am very happy to see other people like you enjoy this landscape and make it their new home. 🙂 All the best wishes from Annecy and thanks for all these beautiful pictures! :)*

  2. Wow amazing photos and staying in a boutique lodge is always special. Love how you’ve included food. As a food blogger it’s something I always look forward to when visiting a place.

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