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Where to eat in Zurich: the legendary Kronenhalle restaurant

Zurich Kronenhalle restaurant original Chagall painting

There are many great restaurants in Zurich, but Kronenhalle is one of a kind.

Located in the heart of the city – at Bellevue – from its windows, you can see the busy streets of today’s Zurich, but inside is a world that has been preserved since 1924. Its legendary and historic status as a local institution is largely due to the fact that its owners loved food as much as they loved art.

Lunch or dinner at the Zurich Kronenhalle restaurant

Famous artists and celebrities were friends of the restaurant and spent a lot of time here, in turn, gifting Kronenhalle with their creations.

Today, eating here, surrounded by original paintings of Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, and Joan Miro among others, is like eating inside a museum. For that alone, it is a special experience you cannot get anywhere else. But besides its stunning art collection, historic decor and impeccable service that hasn’t changed in generations, Kronenhalle is famous for one more thing: it does the best “Zürcher Geschnetzeltes” dish in town – “Zurich’s chopped veal in sauce”, served with Rösti (another Swiss classic) and it’s so delicious that you’ll be sure to finish the full portion (which is quite big and gets divided in half when served, but they will gladly heat up the second portion for you, right at your table). If that’s not enough for you, consider that Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent have eaten here too.

I personally fell in love with it all – the history of it, the artwork adorning the walls, the fact that it has been maintained, meticulously, up to our day and how wonderful the service was – polite, helpful and relaxed – no stiff or stuck up atmosphere here – just great cooking, incredible setting and a meal to remember.

Below are some photos of the inside decor. In the second, I am standing in front of a painting of the founder Hulda Zumsteg. The stunning bright blue painting that I’m sitting in front of in the other picture, is an original Marc Chagall. Restaurant decor has not changed and the original owners passed down strict instructions for where the paintings should hang, what table cloth must be used, and exactly how each table should be served.

A piece of Zurich history


Zurich Kronenhalle restaurantZurich Kronenhalle restaurant paintingsZurich Kronenhalle restaurant table settingZurich Kronenhalle restaurant decorZurich Kronenhalle restaurant original Chagall painting

Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent have eaten here too


At Zurich's Kronenhalle restaurant

I tried a three-course: Truffle Linguini for a starter (to die for), Chopped Veal with Rösti as a main (finished it all), and a chocolate mousse for dessert (we were so stuffed, we had to share it).

First course: Linguini with truffle


Zurich Kronenhalle restaurant truffle linguini

Second course: Zürcher Geschnezeltes – chopped veal in sauce, served with Rösti


Zurich Kronenhalle restaurant famous fish Zürcher Geschnezeltes

Third course: Chocolate mousse


Zurich Kronenhalle restaurant dessert chocolate mousse


There is also a beautiful bar

If you’re in town on short notice and can’t get a reservation, try for the Kronenhalle bar. It has the same historic atmosphere and impeccable quality, and yes, also boasts original artwork that you’ll likely recognize instantly.

Zurich Kronenhalle restaurant barDecor at the Zurich Kronenhalle barDecor at the Zurich Kronenhalle barZurich Kronenhalle bar

For more information:

Note: I was invited by Kronenhalle to explore the restaurant before it opened for lunch to the public and to stay for a meal and try its famous dishes. This post is a collaboration.


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