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Swiss Dolce Vita at Villa Orselina in Locarno

Swimming pool at Villa Orselina hotel in Locarno Switzerland

It’s so good to be back here on the blog and writing again! It’s been crazy busy since this year began – with a lot of work but also a lot of adventures – so there is a lot to share!

I want to tell you guys about our trip to the Italian-Swiss region of Ticino in May when we stayed at the incredible Villa Orselina hotel.

This place is an absolute dream. It’s perched high above Locarno and Lago Maggiore, so no matter what you’re doing – waking up with a cup of coffee in your room, relaxing by the pool, working out, having dinner at the restaurant, or drinking a cocktail on the terrace – you have perfect 360 degree views of the mountains and the lake. Time slows down here because every moment is wonderful. And my personal favorite thing was how kind, unpretentious, and helpful the staff were.

I’m of the opinion that hotels are not just about being beautiful but also about how you feel when you’re there, and here I felt like I was in a warm, sunny vacation paradise.

The grounds and THAT pool (!!)

Heated pool and mountain views at Villa Orselina in Locarno SwitzerlandThe pool at Villa Orselina in Locarno SwitzerlandSwiss vacation Villa Orselina Locarno luxury hotel

If you ask me – the pool alone is reason enough to come here. You swim along mountains and palm trees and then get into your fluffy robe and recline on the chaise longue while watching boats shimmer on the lake.

The best part? The pool is always heated. So even though we were there at the beginning of May, we could already swim as much as we wanted, and since it’s Ticino it was already sunny enough to get some tan too 🙂

Swimming in the pool with palm tree views Villa Orselina Locarno SwitzerlandRelaxing by the pool at Villa Orselina in Locarno

The rooms

We had the Panorama Suite and it takes your breath away as soon as you walk in! It feels like you can touch the mountains through the window.

The Suite has a full kitchen, two bathrooms, dining, living, sleeping areas, and bonus – you can see the lake no matter where you are (yes, there is even a window in the bathroom!). And it really is a panorama view – full 360 degrees of lake and mountains on the horizon 🙂

The Panorama Suite at Villa Orselina in Locarno SwitzerlandPanorama Suite views at Villa Orselina in Locarno SwitzerlandThe Panorama Suite at Villa Orselina in Locarno SwitzerlandWindow views from the Panorama Suite at Villa Orselina in Locarno Switzerland Morning tea at Villa Orselina in Locarno Switzerland

The restaurant

Breakfast of my dreams. There is so much choice in the buffet and a la carte and everything is so fresh. Juices, fruits, local cheese and charcuterie, fish and seafood, delicious porridge, muesli, freshly baked goodies..

Breakfast views at Villa Orselina hotel in Locarno Switzerland

It’s also a beautifully decorated space indoors. We had a long leisurely dinner, watching the sunset over the lake and enjoying local wine.

Sunset Villa Orselina restaurant Locarno SwitzerlandDinner restaurant at Villa Orselina hotel in Locarno SwitzerlandDinner at Villa Orselina luxury hotel in Locarno Switzerland

The spa, indoor pool, and gym

During one of the afternoons, there was a thunderstorm so we took the opportunity to use the spa and indoor swimming pool. So even if the weather isn’t perfect during one of the days, you will still have a way to relax. Make sure to check out the steam room – it has these beautifully painted walls that make you feel like you’re actually on a balcony somewhere in Positano.

Also, how epic are these gym views?

Gym views at Villa Orselina hotel in Locarno SwitzerlandSpa area at Villa Orselina hotel in Locarno SwitzerlandIndoor pool at Villa Orselina hotel in Locarno Switzerland

What to do in the region

Ah, Dolce Vita. The palm trees, the smiling Bongiorno’s of the staff, the unmistakable Italian flair in the air, delicious food and nothing to do but enjoy the sunny views or explore new places. Here are some ideas from what we did:

Visit Madonna del Sasso – only 2 min away by foot from the hotel, and is a must-visit sight in the area. This sacred sanctuary and church has a beautiful architecture, an impressive interior with an intricately painted ceiling and sweeping views (in case you haven’t had enough ;))

Madonna del Sasso view in Locarno Switzerland

Walk along Orselina. The hilltop “village” where the hotel is located naturally has the same stunning panorama. I recommend strolling along or taking a break on one of the benches. And once the sun has set it’s the perfect location to watch stars sparkle above the mountains.

Explore Locarno. Narrow streets lead to the colorful Piazza Grande, and the lakeshore is lined with a walking path and benches perfect for an afternoon gelato.

What to do in Locarno Piazza Grande Switzerland

Visit Ascona. It’s just a short bus ride away, and here you’ll find the famous lakeside postcard view of palm trees between the red, yellow and blue houses.

Ascona vacation in Ticino Switzerland

Take a trip to Lavertezzo village where you’ll catch the turquoise waters nestled between the mountains. (Easier by car but also possible with public transport)

Lavertezzo village beautiful water Ticino Switzerland

But to be honest.. if you barely leave the hotel while you’re here, I couldn’t blame you 🙂

Luxury hotel Villa Orselina in Locarno SwitzerlandDolce vita in Switzerland

Important: We were invited by Villa Orselina for our two-night stay so this is a sponsored post. 

My disclaimer: I check every hotel very thoroughly before I take on a partnership (Tripadvisor, reviews and a LOT of Googling) because I don’t want to end up somewhere that actually isn’t nice and be obligated to create content and promote something to my followers that I don’t like myself. So you can always expect that the hotels I cover are the ones where I would 100% stay also if they were not sponsored. But of course, feel free to double-check with your own research on top! I always do 🙂

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