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Exploring Bern with a Taste my Swiss City tour

Spending several hours eating, drinking and enjoying the city – as a local.

That’s what we did in Bern with the Taste my Swiss City tour and it was such a fun way to explore.

I’m kind of a paradox when it comes to exploring new places – I do super extensive research so that I know the best spots to eat and sightsee, but at the same time I don’t like having a set plan so I can still spontaneously divert and discover while I’m there.

So this tour was perfect for me. It does all the “research” for you – the restaurants and bars are recommended by a local – but it has no guide and no strict timeline – so you discover and eat your way through the city, at your own pace.

(I also loved that the food stops are a surprise until you get your ticket :))

I’ve been to Bern before, only as a stopover on the way to and from the mountains, so I loved spending several leisurely hours eating, drinking and enjoying the city.

First up was a local cheese and meat platter with wine, right next to one of Bern’s many beautiful fountains.

Exploring Bern with a Taste my Swiss City tour

I loved that we could go from place to place with no hurry and take time to stroll the city in between.

Exploring old town Bern, SwitzerlandA city tour in Bern, Switzerland

The second stop had a big bustling patio with a gorgeous view of the Aare river on one side and Bern cathedral on the other.

Food and drinks during the Taste my Swiss City tour in BernLocal drinks and food at a cafe in Bern, Switzerland

…and a really beautiful indoor seating area with big windows and lots of light. It was my favorite spot for the food and the views 🙂 

Took a break in between stops and sat next to Einstein. If you watched my Stories, you also saw that I spent quite some time gushing over the bears at the park below 🙂

Sitting on a bench with Einstein in Bern, SwitzerlandWatching bears at the Bear Park in Bern, SwitzerlandStop #3 was trying some local beer! (Saison 1 was my favorite)Local beer tasting in Bern, SwitzerlandLocal beer and pretzel in Bern Switzerland


Wanted to photograph every fountain in Bern because they are just so pretty

Fountain in Bern Switzerland

After 3 hours of slow exploring and food, watched the sunset and finished the evening with cocktails at spot #4.

Watching the sunset in Bern, SwitzerlandWatching the sunset in Bern, SwitzerlandDrinks in Bern, Switzerland

About the tour:

  • You can do it in 12 different cities in Switzerland! Bern, Basel, Geneva, Lausanne, Locarno, Lugano, Bellinzona, Ascona, Neuchatel, Fribourg, and La Chaux-de-Fonds
  • There is no guide and no time constraints – just check when restaurants are open and stay at each spot as long as you want.
  • It’s not just for foodies – yes, the food is tasty and you get to try something local and new, but it’s also a sightseeing and learning experience 🙂
  • Spots are recommended by a local and have a theme. Ours was Trendy Bern that’s more focused on hip bars and cafes, but you can also do a Classy Bern that’s more of a dining experience.
  • In Bern, the places were easy to find, fun and were a mix of mostly locals, or locals and tourists. My favorite place I would not have discovered through Google, only through walking around and exploring the city, so I loved that the tour brought me there!
  • More info and how to book: 

My tips:

  • I recommend doing the tour in a city you’ve never been to or a city that you haven’t had a chance to explore at a leisurely pace. I would actually even do it in a city where I live because it forces you, in a cool way, to experience the city differently. Basically, do it if you want several quality time hours of eating and discovering 🙂
  • Leave enough time for the tour (2-4hrs) so you don’t rush from stop to stop and can explore some new or hidden corners. Wear comfy shoes too!
  • It’s a great idea for a date night. For example, if you live in Zurich, you can easily do it as an evening out in Bern or Basel.

*Taste my Swiss City is organized by Switzerland Tourism and this blog post is a paid collaboration. 


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