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Swiss-based ideas and resources to make the most of #stayinghome

Swiss-based ideas for what to do at home

Hi guys!

My blog is usually about exploring outdoors and traveling to new places, but today I want to share some ideas for how we can make the most of staying home, as that’s the best thing we can do for ourselves and for Switzerland right now 🙂

I wanted this list to focus on local/Swiss shops, books, deliveries, etc. because that’s my community <3 Please comment more ideas below!


Flowers deliveries to brighten up your home:

Interior/Balcony decor for when the days get warmer:

2. Read Swiss-based books and magazines

Swiss books and g

Switzerland-focused books:

  • Swiss Watching by Diccon Bewes – in-depth and well-written insight into Switzerland, with plenty of dry British humor
  • The Slow Train to Switzerland by Diccon Bewes – haven’t read this one but it’s the same author as above and comes recommended
  • The Xenophobes Guide to Switzerland – short and fun reflection on some basic parts of Swiss culture

Books based in Switzerland (haven’t read them yet but some were recommended)

  • Hotel du Lac by Anita Brookner – about an author living by Lake Geneva
  • The Magic Mountain by Thomas Hann – a German classic novel based in the Swiss Alps
  • Rules of Deception by Christopher Reich – a thriller set in the Swiss Alps
  • Over the Alps on a bicycle by Elizabeth Robins Pennell –  a memoir of an American art critic who crosses ten Swiss passes on her bicycle


Personally, in English, I only read other bloggers, but if your German is up to it, I like these two magazines for an occasional read:

  • www.annabelle.ch – a magazine for women and I’ve read several very good article here that made me understand life in Switzerland better
  • www.bilanz.ch – some interesting reads about the “who is who” of Switzerland

PS: I get my books from Orell Füssli or Amazon but if you have names of local/smaller bookstores we can support, let me know!

3. Learn German 🙂

Resources to learn German online

Personally, as I mentioned, I’m a book and pencil kind of ned when it comes to languages and I struggle to learn online, but I know for others it’s a great way to learn so here are some options:

  • Flying Teachers school where I’m taking intensive German classes will be offering them online next month. www.flyingteachers.ch
  • Babbel is a great app and I saw on Instagram that they were offering six months free www.babbel.com 
  • Free German grammar exercises: www.german.net
  • “Schritte: Übungsgrammatik” (pictured) is the best book I found to learn and practice German grammar

4. Work out online with local gyms

Work out online with Swiss gyms and yoga studios

5. Activities for fun

6. Self-care

  • Qaveman, the Zurich-based mens skincare company that produces natural products designed for male skin. Born in the city and made 100% in Switzerland! You can order online. A good time to treat yourself to a new brand and #supportlocal.

These are just some of the things I’m doing + what some of you have recommended me. Share more in comments and happy home staying 🙂


  1. Debs Bensaul says

    Dear Larisa,

    Thank you for your beautiful blog. This blog caught my eye about a year ago (or was it 2, goodness time flies) when I was googling things to do in Switzerland before a holiday. But I haven’t had a chance to sit down and truly immerse myself in your posts until now due to the confinement. I’ve seen your Instagram posts too and they are truly lovely, but there is something cosy about making a hot chocolate and sitting down with my laptop and reading a great blog.

    My husband, daughter and I love Switzerland, and of all the cities there we love Zurich the most.
    My sister in law lives in Adliswil (she too moved to Switzerland for love) so we have been fortunate to visit Zurich many times. Over the years we have visited a lot of the places you’ve written about but have never truly appreciated them the way you have. You have made me want to visit them again and see them with new eyes, as well as explore all the places you’ve mentioned that I’ve not yet seen.

    I also like that you’ve written about the challenges of moving to a new country. You’ve shown that moving to Switzerland is not all chocolate box images and perfection. It’s hard. Language challenges, differences in the most basic things like public transport and garbage collection, and a support base many miles away. In an era of the perfect selfie your honesty is so refreshing.

    I hope you continue this blog. It is full of such useful information and your photos are amazing.
    Thank you for sharing your journey.

    Kindest regards

  2. Arwenna says

    This post has excellent tips thank you! Can you please suggest jobs for expats that only speak English? We’re interested in moving there and will learn German there.

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