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Swiss-based ideas and resources to make the most of #stayinghome

Swiss-based ideas for what to do at home

Hi guys!

My blog is usually about exploring outdoors and traveling to new places, but today I want to share some ideas for how we can make the most of staying home, as that’s the best thing we can do for ourselves and for Switzerland right now 🙂

I wanted this list to focus on local/Swiss shops, books, deliveries, etc. because that’s my community <3 Please comment more ideas below!


Flowers deliveries to brighten up your home:

Interior/Balcony decor for when the days get warmer:

2. Read Swiss-based books and magazines

Swiss books and g

Switzerland-focused books:

  • Swiss Watching by Diccon Bewes – in-depth and well-written insight into Switzerland, with plenty of dry British humor
  • The Slow Train to Switzerland by Diccon Bewes – haven’t read this one but it’s the same author as above and comes recommended
  • The Xenophobes Guide to Switzerland – short and fun reflection on some basic parts of Swiss culture

Books based in Switzerland (haven’t read them yet but some were recommended)

  • Hotel du Lac by Anita Brookner – about an author living by Lake Geneva
  • The Magic Mountain by Thomas Hann – a German classic novel based in the Swiss Alps
  • Rules of Deception by Christopher Reich – a thriller set in the Swiss Alps
  • Over the Alps on a bicycle by Elizabeth Robins Pennell –  a memoir of an American art critic who crosses ten Swiss passes on her bicycle


Personally, in English, I only read other bloggers, but if your German is up to it, I like these two magazines for an occasional read:

  • www.annabelle.ch – a magazine for women and I’ve read several very good article here that made me understand life in Switzerland better
  • www.bilanz.ch – some interesting reads about the “who is who” of Switzerland

PS: I get my books from Orell Füssli or Amazon but if you have names of local/smaller bookstores we can support, let me know!

3. Learn German 🙂

Resources to learn German online

Personally, as I mentioned, I’m a book and pencil kind of ned when it comes to languages and I struggle to learn online, but I know for others it’s a great way to learn so here are some options:

  • Flying Teachers school where I’m taking intensive German classes will be offering them online next month. www.flyingteachers.ch
  • Babbel is a great app and I saw on Instagram that they were offering six months free www.babbel.com 
  • Free German grammar exercises: www.german.net
  • “Schritte: Übungsgrammatik” (pictured) is the best book I found to learn and practice German grammar

4. Work out online with local gyms

Work out online with Swiss gyms and yoga studios

5. Activities for fun

6. Self-care

  • Qaveman, the Zurich-based mens skincare company that produces natural products designed for male skin. Born in the city and made 100% in Switzerland! You can order online. A good time to treat yourself to a new brand and #supportlocal.

These are just some of the things I’m doing + what some of you have recommended me. Share more in comments and happy home staying 🙂

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