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Ice Skating through a forest in the Swiss Alps

Ice Skating through Swiss Alps forest

What a winter dream come true!

Deep in the Swiss Alps, in the canton of Graubünden there is a 3-km skateline, that loops through and around a forest, for a magical and memorable winter ride.

We went on the first Saturday of the year, to kick of 2021 with something fun and special and it was the coolest thing – one more off the bucketlist, though I am sure I will do this at least a few more times!

The skateline is called Eisweg Engadin and it’s located in Sur En.


You can bring your own skates or rent them on the spot. Once you park look for a little popup with an open door and a bench outside. Here you pay and get your skates before walking up a little incline (entrance to the skateline is marked by a big blade – see photo below) to an area with several benches and even a cute heated mobile room where you can sit down and change.

Eisweg Engadin Skateline in Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Ice Skating through a forest in the Swiss Alps


We went at the beginning of January and there was a lot of snow in the area – a proper winter wonderland. Even the drive there was already worth it. We also saw a few hiking trails around as well as cross-country skiers so there’s plenty more to do around.

When you’re on the skateline, there are benches along the way, so you can also sit down, take a break, and enjoy the scenery.

Ice Skating break in Switzerland



The Skateline loops along a few small inclines, but when you’re on two thin blades and you’re not a pro skater, those inclines can feel scary as you gather speed. My advice: Rent a helmet! You will feel much safer. Go slow and easy through the track to get used to it. If you’re very beginner and scared of any speed, maybe it’s best to try a regular ice rink first. But if you’ve got a helmet on and are ready to challenge yourself and have fun, this skateline is for you.

I’m not wearing a helmet in the pictures, I took it off for a couple of minutes like a true blogger but if you watch my videos on Instagram and TikTok, I’m always wearing one. Safety first!

Swiss winter bucketlist - ice skating through a forest


Getting here is no small feat – from Zürich it’s just over 2hrs by car (set your navigation to a little village called “Sur En”) and you even have to take a “car transportation” train along the way (an experience in and of itself). You could avoid the train and save yourself the CHF 39.00 each way but you’d also add 1.5 hours to your journey.

Winter roadtrip Switzerland


Skateline is open every day during the season but because it can be dependant on weather conditions it’s always best to check the official website before you go:


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