Hi! So cool that you are here.

My name is Larisa. I recently moved to Zürich, Switzerland. As much as I want to talk to my friends and family on a daily basis about the highs and lows of moving to yet another new country (this is my fifth), I decided that I will save them from pretending to be interested in Swiss prices, details of the intricate garbage collection system, or pictures of the GrossMunster from every possible angle, so I’ll just document it all in writing and pictures on this blog (see also Instagram), and then anyone who is interested can read, comment and have a chat with me.

Whether you are thinking of moving to Zurich, are in the same boat as me already, or just want to follow along one girl’s journey of building a new life in a new place – Welcome!

Why did you move to Zürich?

For love. Long distance relationships usually require one person to eventually move for the other, and damn it, he got the great job first, so here I am.

Do you speak German?

Ja, klar! I’m close to fluent and I’m learning. I’ve been learning since I lived in Germany for a year, about five years ago. Then I made a slight detour, moved to France and learned French instead, but Deutsch is now back on the radar. If you know great classes, let me know – otherwise, it’s just textbooks, Duolingo, and my boyfriend’s parents.

What do you do?

I’m a communications person by profession. I write, I plan, I write the plans, I plan the writing, you get the idea. It’s the best job in the world and I love it.

Where are you from originally?

Originally, I am from a tiny town called Tiraspol. If you know it, our parents probably know of each other. Unoriginally, I am from Canada, born to Moldovan-Ukrainian parents and I’ve lived in Germany, France, and Finland before relocating to Swiss land 🙂

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