Author: Larisa

Shopping at the Helvetiaplatz farmers market in Zurich

One of my favorite ways to have quality time in Zürich is to stroll and shop at the Farmer’s market. I love the colors of the food and flower stalls, the sound of many conversations between shoppers and vendors, the fresh selection and wider choice than you’d find at the supermarket, and the luxury of taking the time to choose something healthy and natural for the table. 

My guide to Zürich badis

With so many hot days this summer, I got to spend many lunches and evenings at what I think is one of the best things in Zürich: the badis. If you told me before I moved here, that this city, known for its prices and bankers, has amazing public swimming areas (some of them free) where locals come to cool off from 30+ temperatures, I wouldn’t believe you that a) it gets that hot in Switzerland and b) that this is part of the local lifestyle. Somehow it sounds more like Spain than a country known for skiing and Alps – but actually, it’s a very Swiss thing. Here is my guide to Zurich’s best-kept secret.*

The most scenic Swiss road trip from Zurich to the Alps

Last weekend I partnered together with Mazda to do my first ever road trip through Switzerland – an epic 5-hour drive from Zurich to Adelboden, with shimmering blue lakes, centuries-old towns, and Swiss Alps as our backdrop. Warning: if you’re looking for the quickest way to get from point A to point B, this post is not for you – here I am talking about a real scenic route 🙂 We did not rush, we did not focus on the destination, we just drove along, made stops wherever we wanted, took lots of photos and savored the scenery. Read on for the full route!

Hiking along Walensee in Switzerland

Day trip hike around Walensee

Last Saturday we spontaneously decided to go to Walensee for the day. I actually want this on the record guys: a lot of my weekend or day trips in Switzerland are planned last minute and I am a really imperfect blogger in the sense that I don’t get up super early in the morning to catch the sunrise and the photos before everyone gets there – I think for Walensee we left the house around 1pm :))) I just want to say this because that’s something I love about Switzerland. If you decide that you want to get out of Zurich, there are always plenty of options and you don’t need to be a master planner. And if you have the Half-fare card with SBB, for most rides you won’t even overpay for the tickets. Even though this is a country that runs like clockwork through careful planning, spontaneous people like me can also enjoy it! 🙂 Now onto the trip. We took a train from Zurich HB directly to Ziegelbrucke (just under one hour …

Hotel Bristol in Zermatt

Waking up to a view of the Matterhorn from your window is a dream. Even now that I’ve done it, looking at these photos still feels like another reality. For our one night stay in Zermatt, we booked a room at Hotel Bristol. It was my first time in this part of Switzerland and I did a lot of research to find the kind of place that would give us lasting memories. I wanted it to be a cozy hotel with character, an authentic alpine vibe, a spa and, of course, a view, and this small family-run hotel had it all.