Fall fun & Halloween pumpkins at Juckerfarm

Pumpkin shopping at Juckerfarm, Switzerland

I love fall, pumpkins, and Halloween, and no matter where in the world I live, I try my best to celebrate October in full color and costume. So you can imagine how excited I was to find that there is a sprawling farm overlooking Pfäffikersee, that is filled with thousands of pumpkins of various shapes and forms, and you can get there with a direct 30 min train from Zürich 🙂  Continue reading

Hiking in Appenzell

Standing in front of the Aescher Berggasthaus in Appenzell, Switzerland

Standing in front of the Aescher Berggasthaus in Appenzell, Switzerland

If you follow people who live in Switzerland through Instagram, you will without a doubt come across the classic picture of the Aescher Berggasthaus. Carved into the mountain, this little wooden house, with a pointy roof and a panoramic patio, looks too good to be true. But a pleasant 20-minute descent from the Ebenalp peak down the path that goes through fields and a cave, on the last curve, you walk right into this postcard view.

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The Summer List

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When I moved to Zürich in January, everyone said – “Oh, you just wait until summer – this city comes alive”.

And yep. Summer in Zürich is special. Everything becomes green and blue, everyone is always outside, rooftops are full, afterworks are loud, badis are open, and the atmosphere is “holiday” no matter if it’s Tuesday or Friday. But today the calendar reminds me that it’s August 30th (whaat??) and the weather forecast promises that fall weather could be coming as soon as tomorrow. It seems that everyone else got this memo too and is trying to make the most of the last warmth because I can smell barbeque on the balcony and hear people on the streets. It’s 9pm but the air is still warm. I will miss this.

Because this was my first hot season in the city, I jumped at every opportunity to be outside and to explore and was learning about cool things to do as I went along. Now that it’s drawing to a close, I feel like I know so much more about how I want to spend my summers here and I wanted to write a list for myself, of all the things that I still want to do. A Summer List.
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Five months in

Processed with VSCO with k3 presetIt doesn’t feel like it’s been 5 months, but as I’m typing this, I’m on my way to Milano, the train is rolling south through Switzerland, there are Alps outside my window, and there is no denying it – it’s warm, it’s late May, and I’ve added another month to my experience in der Schweiz.  Continue reading

Spring in Zürich part II

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I purposely added two types of photos to this post: bright and sunny snapshots of an afternoon in wisteria-covered Belvoirpark, and moody green on gray pictures of rainy streets in Kreis 3. It’s a contrast that wasn’t there when I wrote my previous post, but now a month and a half later, I think it’s time to give a proper spring update.

If someone asks me, “So how is spring in Zürich?” I will now refer them to this side by side comparison of March and April 😀 Continue reading

Chasing the sun in Lugano

Processed with VSCO with k3 presetWho knew that just two hours by train from Zürich there is a little slice of southern paradise? Think palm trees, green hills, bright flowers, pink houses, lots of boats, narrow cobblestone streets and warm sunshine even when the rest of Switzerland is still doing the gray spring thing.

We took the early morning train from Zürich, and I perched myself comfortably next to the window for the first big rail adventure. The scenic route begins as the train goes along Lake Zug and Lake Lucerne and snowcapped peaks start to feel closer and closer. I named this blog post “Chasing the sun” because that’s literally what we were doing – Zürich was rainy and cold on that day and for about an hour so was the scenery traveling south. Continue reading

Four months in

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It’s end of April on the calendar, which means that really warm days are coming soon (though you wouldn’t be able to tell by today’s gray and rainy situation) and it also means that I am now over 120 days into this expat ride. In the beginning, I clung to staying only in Zürich because I wanted to develop a routine and a comfort zone, and I was learning so much on a daily basis that it already felt like I was on an adventure. But this past month, it was finally time explore more of the country.

On Easter weekend it felt as if all the locals abandoned the city, and instead, I was bumping into tourists slowly walking around with maps and phones in their hands. We decided to do it half-half. We spent a day also being tourists (that’s when these pictures were taken) and then, spontaneously decided to do it like the locals and chase the sun in the south of the country, in Lugano. I think most of you followed my excitement at being on a Swiss train journey for the first time, famous Gotthard tunnel and all, and of course I will write about Lugano because it deserves a blog post of its own, but what I do want to say here is how much more I learned about Zürich by being away from it.  Continue reading