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Discovering Swiss natural skincare brand ananné

“Discovering” is my favorite part of running this blog – getting to explore a new location, staying at a unique hotel, trying a regional dish, learning the history of a Swiss brand.  For those who grow up in Switzerland, local products and experiences are the norm, but for expats, knowing, doing, and shopping local is an insight and a small badge of integration achievement. Today I want to tell you about ananné, a premium natural skincare brand produced entirely in Switzerland, that I had the chance to discover at their recent re-launch event, and that I’m proud to work with this year.*

Shopping at the Helvetiaplatz farmers market in Zurich

One of my favorite ways to have quality time in Zürich is to stroll and shop at the Farmer’s market. I love the colors of the food and flower stalls, the sound of many conversations between shoppers and vendors, the fresh selection and wider choice than you’d find at the supermarket, and the luxury of taking the time to choose something healthy and natural for the table. 

My guide to Zürich badis

With so many hot days this summer, I got to spend many lunches and evenings at what I think is one of the best things in Zürich: the badis. If you told me before I moved here, that this city, known for its prices and bankers, has amazing public swimming areas (some of them free) where locals come to cool off from 30+ temperatures, I wouldn’t believe you that a) it gets that hot in Switzerland and b) that this is part of the local lifestyle. Somehow it sounds more like Spain than a country known for skiing and Alps – but actually, it’s a very Swiss thing. Here is my guide to Zurich’s best-kept secret.*

Pumpkin shopping at Juckerfarm, Switzerland

Fall fun & Halloween pumpkins at Juckerfarm

I love fall, pumpkins, and Halloween, and no matter where in the world I live, I try my best to celebrate October in full color and costume. So you can imagine how excited I was to find that there is a sprawling farm overlooking Pfäffikersee, that is filled with thousands of pumpkins of various shapes and forms, and you can get there with a direct 30 min train from Zürich 🙂 

Purple blooming wisteria in a Zurich park

Spring in Zürich part II

I purposely added two types of photos to this post: bright and sunny snapshots of an afternoon in wisteria-covered Belvoirpark, and moody green on gray pictures of rainy streets in Kreis 3. It’s a contrast that wasn’t there when I wrote my previous post, but now a month and a half later, I think it’s time to give a proper spring update. If someone asks me, “So how is spring in Zürich?” I will now refer them to this side by side comparison of March and April 😀

Rooftop pool view from Thermal Bad and Spa in Zurich

Afternoon at a rooftop spa with views of the city

I’ve decided to start a “Zürich places” list. On Instagram I often get questions about what to do in the city. The truth is, I wish I knew more! Between courses, homework, and applications, most of my discovering has been limited to walking – but I’ve managed to explore a few cool spots and I want to share them 🙂 Last weekend we went to the Thermalbad & Spa Zürich.