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An adventure-filled weekend in the Alps: 7 things to do on Mount Titlis this summer

Last weekend on Mount Titlis was one non-stop mountain adventure. In just two days, we hiked, ziplined, rowed a boat, went up to the top to see snow and ice, went down to enjoy blooming meadows and sunny strolls, saw the sunrise and the sunset over Trübsee lake, and experienced winter.. in July (glaciers are so cool!). There is so much to do up there and all this fun is just a 1h40min train ride from Zürich. So if you’re looking for a memorable summer weekend in the Alps, with beautiful views and unique experiences, here are my Top 7 things to do at Titlis.

Watching trains cross the Landwasser viaduct from the viewpoint

Hiking to the Landwasser Viaduct viewpoint to watch the trains travel across

Ever since I crossed the Landwasser Viaduct on the Glacier Express, I’ve wanted to see this beautiful structure again, and this time, for longer than a minute. I’ve come across photos of it from above and thought that maybe they were taken by drones. But it turns out there is an easy and scenic hike that takes you to a perfect viewpoint to observe the viaduct and watch the trains travel across. When you think about it, it’s pretty amazing that the Swiss built this 136m-high limestone bridge, connecting two mountain tunnels, over a hundred years ago. Today it’s a UNESCO World Heritage sight, and well worth a stop if you’re in Graubündern area. So here are my tips for enjoying this sight.

Swimming pool at Villa Orselina hotel in Locarno Switzerland

Swiss Dolce Vita at Villa Orselina in Locarno

It’s so good to be back here on the blog and writing again! It’s been crazy busy since this year began – with a lot of work but also a lot of adventures – so there is a lot to share! I want to tell you guys about our trip to the Italian-Swiss region of Ticino in May when we stayed at the incredible Villa Orselina hotel.